Manual Testing

It’s one of the testing kinds used for software testing adopted by many individuals and organizations as a whole. Manual testing plays a part for the end-user, testing manual software for defects and errors. The test cases to be executed in the Manual testing do not require automated tools; rather, it involves manually testing test cases considering the end-user. This manual testing is done to check whether the application is working as per the specified requirements or not. 

Manual Testing Jobs in Chicago

Manual testing doesn’t require coding or knowledge of programming as automation testing does. But, apart from this criterion, Its scope in other areas is great, and proficiencies of a manual tester are required. Demand for the jobs of manual testers is not dying in Chicago, but it’s decreasing slowly due to innovations and the use of modern automation tools. 

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You can use these five steps to get a Manual Testing Job in Chicago: 

  1. Brace yourself for the path ahead. Manual testing involves a lot of work that your degree doesn’t teach you, and you need to learn relevant skills to sustain. 
  2. Keep your preparation as a manual tester top-notch. 
  3. Prepare CV/Resume that’s worthy of recruiters’ time. 
  4. Make an everlasting impression in the mind of a recruiter. 
  5. Keep following up after the interview is done. 

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