Automation Tester Training

Manual Testing Training

The manual testing training course is the process of manually testing software for flats. It needs a tester to play the role of an end-user whereby they use most of the application features to ensure corrective and positive actions. To guarantee the completeness of testing, the tester often follows a written test plan that leads them through and near important cases.

What can you learn through this course

This course will teach you to.

  • Raise, reopen, manage and validate bugs reports
  • Investigate technologies
  • The Cost of Automation Testing
  • Do market researches
  • Discover broken assumptions
  • Administer tasks

Our Testimonials

It’s amazing that all the peoples and students are very satisfied with our act of assistance.

“Quality Analyst has consistently provided superior testing training for us and has been very effective when we were on tough time schedules to complete our projects on time. Automation scripts that they build for us helped to achieve quick health checks of our builds. We are expected to our continued testing efforts with their instructors.”
Jack Richer
“The quality analyst is a good course though I am not able to go back to the lecture to replay and get a full mastery as soon as each topic is over. I will strongly suggest that a replay for all the lectures could be added to enable the student.”
Albert Wasko

“Thank You for the sessions that helped me gaining knowledge in automation testing training. Trainer’s experience helped me to get the detailed information regarding the key thought and challenging tasks in real-time.”

Domminique Nelson